Clayton Eco Hub

Sustainable practices should be demonstrated and taught to young children in order to avoid unsustainable thinking and behaviors becoming a part of their everyday standard.

Teaching children to be environmentally responsible

MVELC, is a place where children learn about self, others and the world, including environmental responsibility.

We play a role in helping children develop an understanding and respect for the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land..

Community Garden and Fregon Reserve 

Our 3-Year-Old and 4-year-old children have begun to develop a community garden. With our families and community, we undertook critical reflection on the garden project and engaged community organisations such as Bunnings to become involved and take a role to enhance the Aboriginal garden. Our community garden is open for families and community member to be involved in developing and harvesting to enjoy.

In 2019, The pre-school children have been active participating with the Monash Council at Fregon Reserve to develop a natural play space for the children as part of the nature exploration.