Our Curriculum

We are committed to provide a high quality of care and the delivery of a sound foundation for every child in a range of programs in the centre. We actively promote school readiness and achievements of desired learning outcomes in applying our knowledge in how children learn through play.

Our learning environment is designed to develop curiosity and to develop the relationships that are important in children’s lives. We encourage a space which allows children to feel safe, respected and valued as unique individuals. We encourage children to communicate, act responsibility and to actively participate in our community.

Benefits of Inquiry Learning 

Our strength at Monash Vale Early Learning Centre is that we have created an active and engaged community of learners, valuing each child’s knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests. The educational program captures the child’s voice and empowers children to be independent learners exploring their environments. The curriculum and program are based on the organisation’s vision, values and philosophy statement. The foundation of the program in an emergent curriculum which provides family centred practices that encourages community involvement.

Monash Vale ELC is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual service; we cultivate deep respect for our children, families and broader community and regularly reflect upon meaningful engagement practices; such as using home-language with children joining the service or incursions from Uncle Ian, our local Aboriginal Elder and other visiting professionals which extends children’s learning and development experiences.

3 and 4 Year Old Kindergarten 

Monash Vale Early Learning Centre has an approved Kindergarten program delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who provides the children with intentional learning experiences transitioning your child to school.

The educators in the preschool room work together with the children to implement a rich learning program that is based around the children’s interests (emergent curriculum). Educators who engage in intentional teaching recognise that learning occurs in social contexts and those interactions and conversations are vitally important for learning. We actively promote school readiness using our knowledge of how children learn through play.

We work in partnership with parents, educators, management and the community to enrich children’s learning and incorporate ‘The Early Years Framework within our programming and planning.