How can I help support my child in transitioning to the toilet?

Parents of toddlers often have questions about toilet training, such as readiness, how to do it in the best way, and whether or not their children will cope at an early learning centre.

Parents of toddlers often have questions about toilet training, such as readiness, how to do it in the best way, and whether or not their children will cope at an early learning centre. The wonderful thing about early learning is that they embrace holistic learning in a nurturing environment, so the chances are that your child will receive support if he or she is going through this phase.

In this article, we aim to answer some of your most pressing questions regarding children’s toilet training in Australia.

At What Age Should My Child Be Toilet Trained?

Children are generally ready to start learning how to use the toilet between the ages of 18 months and three years; however, this is only a guideline. It is important to remember that every child is different and you should never push too hard if your little one is not quite ready for the potty or toilet yet. They will soon pick up good toileting habits from observing family members around them, siblings or peers at daycare. The most important thing is to go at your child’s pace to ensure that their toilet learning experience is positive.

How To Support Toilet Learning 

Supporting your child when they start to show an interest in using the toilet is key to the training process. Both parents and educators should stay observant of the child’s behaviour to identify signs of readiness and encourage going to the toilet as a good habit. Applaud milestones such as their first time in the toilet and don’t make a big deal about accidents.

This can also be a good time to teach your child about personal hygiene and the importance of washing their hands after using the toilet. It will help you be prepared with clothing that is easy to remove for toileting or cleaning.

Accompany the child to the toilet so they feel comforted and supported by your presence until they are confident enough to use the toilet on their own. Believe it or not, it can be quite a scary experience for little ones at first!

Signs of toilet learning readiness:

  • Able to pull pants up and down
  • Can verbally express the need to wee or poo
  • Becoming curious about others going to the toilet
  • Can stay dry for up to two hours
  • Does not like the feeling of a wet nappy
  • Remains dry after a nap
  • Is able to follow instructions

Does my child have to be toilet ready to join an ELC? 

Many centers will welcome your child even if they are not yet fully toilet trained, so there is no need to stress about this. Find out from your local early learning centers about their policies on toilet learning for kids. Through the process we encourage and support children and parents throughout this process and facilitate kids’ toilet training as part of their early learning program.

Should Early Learning Centres Offer Toilet Training For Kids? 

This is entirely up to each centre to decide if it is within its capacity to include toilet learning in its educational model. The true essence of early learning is to hone in on those naturally developing skills that children have and guide them towards learning in a variety of ways that are enjoyable and healthy for their growth.

Using the toilet is integral to each child’s development, so to some extent, it may be considered highly beneficial and even necessary for early learning centres to assist children in this area. By teachers and parents both helping children in this significant learning step in their lives, it builds their confidence and contributes positively to their functional, academic and emotional learning.

Our Early Learning Centre Offers Encouragement & Support

Bridge Road and Monash Vale Early Learning Centre in Victoria is a family-operated learning facility that promotes the well-being and healthy development of children in their early years. Children’s toilet training is a part of our school and our educators and child care assistants are always ready to assist, encourage and support your child through this uncertain phase of early development.

We make the process fun and help parents with management strategies to practice in the home for continued learning. We encourage learning through play and positive interactions with adults and peers. With us, there is no need to worry if your child is not fully toilet trained yet. We make the experience an enjoyable one for all those involved. Contact us for more information about our early learning centres.

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