Kindergarten Programs


Our Kindergarden Programs

Bridge Road Early Learning Centre offers 3 and 4 Year old government approved kindergarten programs.

Kindergarten at Bridge Road ELC aims to instil a passion for learning and curiosity in your child through co–constructive teaching. Our Kindergarten programs are designed to:

  • Gain confidence in emotional wellbeing
  • Engage each child as an effective learner
  • Promote communication, learning and thinking
  • Build positive relationships
  • Enhance identity 
  • School readiness

Our Kindergarden Programs

Participation in our Kinder program allows families and children to be part of a community focused on children’s wellbeing. The kinder program provides a place for families to get to know other families and share their experiences and information with early childhood professionals.

Teachers work with the children to implement a rich learning program based on the children’s interests (emergent curriculum). Teachers engage in intentional teaching and recognise that learning occurs in social contexts. Those interactions and conversations are vitally important for learning.

At Bridge Road ELC, the Kindergarten program is delivered Monday to Friday and integrated within a long daycare program. The government approved Kinder programs are delivered by Early Childhood Teachers. There is a sessional option for families to access the Kinder program 2 days per week with a 4.30pm pick up.

A number of extracurricular programs are also offered, which include literacy, sport, science, music, LOTE and art. BRELC kinder program has been awarded a Little Scientist House

Incursions are a regular part of the program and change depending on the children’s project.

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