At Bridge Road ELC, we believe children grow, learn and develop through play and interactions with others and their environment. We reflect this belief through a holistic approach where BRELC is a friendly, secure place for children, where independence and individuality are valued and respected, and the centre is an extension of the home. We ensure the child’s well-being is met, acknowledging and celebrating diversity and creating a place where children can play and learn in a natural environment. 

We believe in

  • Individual, meaningful & safe interactions
  • Join our family
  • Freshly prepared meals 
  • Homely, natural and sustainable environment 
  • Quality Educational Program 

Aboriginal Ways of Learning

Children are born belonging to a culture which is not only influenced by traditional practices, heritage and ancestral knowledge but also by the experiences, values and beliefs of individual families and communities.

Bridge Road ELC recognises that celebrating diversity contributes to a high-quality program and experience for children.
Bridge Road ELC actively promotes and includes Aboriginal culture, ways of being and imagery throughout the program.
Bridge Road ELC is committed to closing the gap, reconciliation and sharing Australia’s First Nation’s histories, knowledge systems, cultures and languages.

Bridge Road ELC is proud to have partnerships with Uncle Ian Hunter. We are lucky to have Uncle Ian Hunter do Smoking Ceremonies, welcome to the country and share his culture and history with our community.

Each learning space has been named after local Aboriginal names that reflect the children’s age group. Children play and learn in the country in Biik – Jornung meaning a pleasant place.
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