Nature Play

Nature Play section of Our emergent curriculum captures the child’s voice to develop inquiry projects through our exceeding indoor and outdoor programs. Bridge Road ELC has specialist programs in music, sports, yoga, Chinese language, literacy, and science. Incursions, excursions and Nature Play are all part of the educational program.


Nature Play

Bridge Road ELC caters for children from birth to school age and has highly qualified, experienced and engaged educators who value nature and sustainability. This video showcases our Nature Play Exploring Country program which the preschool children experience on a weekly basis. This video illustrates the journey educators embarked upon to deliver this amazing opportunity for children living in a metropolitan area. Educators discuss the reasoning for providing this program, the logistics and also describe a Nature Play Exploring Country session.

Within the video, you have the opportunity to be witness to the preschool children’s developing sense of play in nature and witness the importance of children becoming sustainable and respectful nature play explorers.