Our Learning Spaces 

Bridge Road Early Learning Centre is privately owned and family operated. We warmly welcome you and your family to our service and hope your journey with us will be enjoyable and fulfilling.


Bullen Bullen

The Bullen Bullen learning space is often the first learning experience in an Early Learning Setting for families. We provide a supportive and enriching environment that develops children’s physical, social and emotional well being. The learning process begins at birth, therefore care and attention is given to create a calm, safe and nurturing environment. Routines such as feeding, resting and nappy changes provide positive opportunities for learning and time for sensitive social engagement.



Two to three year old children are energetic explorers and experimenters, curious to find out how things work. Their need for investigative, experimental learning is pronounced. These children have an increasing ability to express ideas through their different languages. By languages symbolic communication such as drawing, clay work, painting, pretend play, singing and block construction and music and movement. Teachers and educators observe these languages to interpret each child’s understanding and to assist in planning a rich and challenging curriculum.


Kurnbrook Room

4 to 5 year old children are rapidly developing a more complex understanding of concepts and are highly motivated to explore and set challenges for themselves. Once a week the Kurnbrook children walk to Burnley Park to participate in a morning or afternoon session of Nature Play. Nature play sessions aim to provide children with the opportunity to free play, climb and experiment. We encourage child-led learning, inquiry and play in a natural environment. Our goal is for children to become confident and empathetic towards the natural world. Children that learn in the outdoors are less disruptive, show improved social skills, motor skills and physical health, and develop resilience, self-awareness, self-esteem and independence.