Specialist Programs

In addition to our emerging projects and inquiry learning, the children’s learning is supported through various specialist programs happening throughout the week. Our specialist teachers work with our team of educators to continue to support the children holistically.

Art Program (4-5 year Old)

Our Art program is aimed to support young children’s development across several different domains. Using art tools helps children develop small muscle co-ordination and control. Children can practice cognitive skills by experimenting with color, texture, and design. Beata is a ceramic artist and sculptor with a bachelor’s degree in Ceramic and Design.

Science Lab (4-5 Year Old)

Science lab is unique science-based education program specifically aimed at pre-school children. It is a mobile science program of unique, excellent quality. Our program creates happy learners in a fun and positive environment.

Our Science program helps build skills in:

problem solving


critical analysis


independent thinking




Sports Program (2-5 year Old)

Our sports programs run on Monday for our 2-5year old and on Wednesday for our 3-5year Old children. The sport teacher conducts a range of children’s sport activities for the children. These lessons focus on gross motor skills, leadership skills, appreciation of different abilities, respect for other children, social interactions, physical skills, patience, persistence and resilience. The children always look forward to their afternoon with their sports coach and we are excited to see what activities has been planned for them.

Jo’s Music program (6 months-5 Year Old)

Music Time with Jo is an interactive and engaging music program every Thursday morning. The program encourages music apprehension and designed each week to look at new and interesting topics through a range of methods such as singing, dancing, creating rhythm and sound with musical instruments. We provide a music program for children of all ages.

Literacy Program (4-5 year Old)

Literacy Corner is a program aimed at preschool children and is delivered every Friday afternoon with Jo. The program is an interactive and engaging program looking at developing literacy skills and the children are introduced to rich language experiences.  It is a wonderful introduction to primary school readiness and developing numeracy and literacy skills.